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Smart, determined, and go-getters form a part of our elite workforce. We believe in ability over experience and follow an equal employment policy. The dictionary defines culture as "The totality of socially transmitted behaviour patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought." While this definition is far-reaching, it does give some clues as to the nature of an organisation's culture. We define corporate culture as the assumptions, values, beliefs, behaviours, practices, norms, and products of an organisation.

Work Culture at RAJHANS

Work at Rajhans means a unique mixture of fun and growth. We help our employees grow as a person, as a fellow human, as a leader and as a team player. We have transparency in our organizational culture. We have a culture where in any one can suggest ideas regarding the organization's expansion & success. We motivate employees by rewarding them for the good work done. We conduct weekly staff gatherings on Saturdays. Purpose of these gatherings is to update everyone with the know-how of upcoming projects, new ventures, sharing ideas for the development of the organization followed by snacks. It helps employees in developing and creating healthy & constructive environment in organization.

We follow equity theory

At Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group, we are a closely knit group of employees who care for each other. The care is also reflected in our work culture, where we treat every employee as a part of family. We put the equity theory into practice at work, which is why our calendar gives equal importance to every festival. Adding to it are the celebrations that we organise at our workplace. Take, for instance, Holi and Diwali, when every employee, irrespective of caste or religion, participates in office activities like rangoli-making or singing. At Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group, work is not the only routine that we practice. We add fun to work and maintain an equal balance between work and play. Every employee is of equal importance, and every employee shares the same sentiments as his or her fellow employee. Needless to say, office hours at our workplace feel like spending quality family time at home.

Fun at Work Place

We celebrate employee birthdays by gifting bouquets of flowers, inspiring books, & chocolates on behalf of the organization. We celebrate all the festivals such as Holi, Diwali, etc., with enthusiasm and joy every year by cutting cake and distributing gifts & sweets, followed by a few words from the top management. The Rajhans (Desai Jain) group observes holidays on these festivals.

Training & Development

Indian organisations have realised the importance of corporate training, which is now considered more of a retention tool than a cost. The training system in the Indian industry has undergone a change and has been instrumental in creating a smarter workforce and yielding the best results. Generally, we conduct behavioural and soft skills-related training programmes, which go a long way in shaping up an employee to produce key results in this competitive corporate world. Following which, we take valuable feedback and suggestions from our employees and management. This leads to the successful completion of the training programme.

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